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Ultimate Team SuccessThis program seems to offer a downline building program that turns paper click on its year. You may join for free. But you may also multiply your income two, three times or more by opting in multiple times. You may also sign in daily and view ads from other members, and you get paid to do so. With this, it is my expectation that the member posting the ad will foot the bill and pay each viewer.

The advantage of this is that your viewer will be somewhat focused and open to your particular opportunity. The down side may be members who click on ads just to make the cash. This a point of concern.

With Ultimate Team Success, they purport to build a new Team every 48 hours so you can start late in one team and start at the beginning of another. They seem to build this team so they can progress at the same time. The claim is that you build a “hands free,” downline, in a matter of hours as opposed to days, weeks, years.

Ultimate Team Success also explains that they remove the, “time, effort and financial burden,” of building a downline. And that they only offer two businesses to join that are less than $20 each to start. There apparently is also a “free option,” available, so all have the chance to participate and still make money. Be careful. These businesses are not detailed until you have already joined. And I have not seen any cancellation policy either so the best way to investigate would be to join with a free membership to start until the entire story is revealed.

Joining a Team seems to be laid out well as they have a count down clock on their site advising you when the next team will be built. At this writing, I should wait about 9 days and a few hours for the next Team Build.

The payouts seem to be extensive for those who wish to participate fully. As previously mentioned, you get paid to review ads. You can also get paid referral bonuses, Matrix bonuses and receive Link Ad credits. There are apparently other ways as well but not divulged on the Home Page.

However, there is a Pro-Member option and with that, at whatever cost, beyond Advertising credits, you also get paid on 2 referral levels, a revenue share and can be involved in early team launches.

There is also an affiliate program which also pays out if the new member takes the Pro option. This may indicate a good sized fee for this option.

Here is the kicker. Ultimate Team Success extols the advantages of building a Team with their help and want you to immediately join any business that they email you about. And then they advise that there will be thousands joining so your fast action is all that will ensure you a great spot in the line up.

This last part concerns me the most. Ultimate Team Success will supply you with an opportunity and then explains how you have to join to keep up with your Team.

Check them out at www.ultimateteamsuccess.com

I would keep your head up on this one and do not get drawn into huge costs or fees at any time.

Thursday, February 21st, 2013 Internet MLM Programs

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