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Here is what Worldprofit Advertises for their “Worldprofit Dealership Program PLUS Millionaire Bootcamp FREE”As a Worldprofit dealer, you earn up to 20% commission referring people and business to Worldprofit for hosting, design, website packages, e-business tools, and webcast services. We take care of all the technical set up and support for your referrals and you collect a commission check. Learn How to Profit as an E-Business Consultant!The big suprise is that if you don’t do $39.95 per month in “New business” you DO NOT GET YOUR COMMISSIONS. This means you must signup at least 4 dealers a month or have dealers upgrade to keep any commissions. Otherwise Worldprofit keeps getting theirs but you DON’t GET YOURS.This is not stated as such on the signup page, the terms on the signup page or the dealer agreement. This is only stated in the FAQ in the dealer area something you don’t even have access to until AFTER YOU SIGNUP.Gettng Booted from the Bootcamp:

Worldprofit now limits the number of the people in the bootcamp to 250. If you do not progress from level to level at the pace they think you should or you do not go to the classes view the webcasts etc they will “Boot you from the Bootcamp”. If you want back in the charge is $599.00.

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iLA The Inspired Living Application

iLA - The Inspired Living Application

iLA plans to offer high quality motivational information on a weekly basis through mobile as well as all the other platforms. It is also providing the ability to send that information to anyone you wish.

Cost is $9.95 per month. Even at this price point, I am reticent to agree that it will go viral. I feel that there will be a very fast saturation point.

With a 3 X 7 matrix, kinda limiting, but with some good points. I like that you actually CAN see more than 3 on the first level. It is then unlimited. And the 3X3 makes it free is also a great incentive.

I also like the Unlimited aspect of the Compensation Plan. Three choices of starting is also good. Free is perfect but limiting. But hey, $10 a month is minimal.

I do have a reservation

I am an IBO for a Company that offers an enhanced Back Office that includes a lot, including a specially designed for International recruiting, Contact Retention Manager, AND what iLA seems to be offering in training and motivational information and speakers. Where iLA offers new info every week, I am receiving new info and training every day, 365. For that, I am paying $40.00 per month, which seems to be a better deal.

What is really scratching at my door about this app is, “what do they plan on providing once a week?” Who are they going to present? What are they going to present?


I cannot depend on their single sentence of, “motivational content.” With that, it leaves iLA wide open to offer whatever content they choose without specifying what it will be, where it will come from.

If you start looking at it from this optic, they are selling the Plan and the potential for viral profit over the actual content. In the FAQ, they admit that there will be people come and go and each person’s Matrix will be adjusted to fill as best as possible, as it happens. So, they again, even acknowledging the come and go of people to and from the Plan, they are successfully side stepping the reasons why they may leave.

The FAQ does not address what or where the weekly content will come from. Honestly, it is a great plan but I am really concerned about a supposed product that:

  • Ls not described in detail, in any way;

  • Has no reviews;

  • Is not advertised in any way (which, if good or very good, could easily promote and expand business);

  • Personal development via professionally designed videos?” (from a review randomly picked online?);

Bottom line, spend $9.95 a month for a few months and see what they have to offer. If it is horse puckeys, save the 10 spot and move on. If it starts to make more than $10 a month and the content is worth it, you know what to do.

Check it out for yourself, you’ll loose more if you let this pass you by.

iLA The Inspired Living Application

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Wednesday, March 27th, 2013 Internet MLM Programs 1 Comment Affiliate Plan  is an interesting concept. They offer multiple Autoresponders, Email Marketing and a Contact management System, things anyone needs to build, maintain and grow a decent Network and you can get paid for building that Network while supplying the tools everyone is going to need anyway, and inexpensively. You can build unlimited lists and unlimited subscribers to each list. The data you collect is limited only to your need. Collect any information you need, as much as you need.

Schedule an offering to one or many by email, whenever you wish. You set the information and the schedule, and who is to get it. And you can track everything that comes back from your email campaigns, such as click through and open rates. even provides an Opt-in form generator that you can use to create your opt-ins for your website.

To be aware, we are dealing with “monthly costs,” here. This is not a one time payment deal. And for that, there are actually four ways to earn.

  1. Weekly Fast Track Bonus
  2. 3 X 10 Matrix
  3. Monthly Residual Commissions
  4. Leadership Bonus

You should understand that the monthly cost covers for an complete email marketing platform service which you may use to build your own list of subscriber and sell an unlimited number of product and services to them. If you go at that, that should quickly become your main revenue stream. Any market niche may be exploited.

To get the real idea of how this works, watch all of the videos and read everything on the site. If you get in, you have a 30 Trial to make up your mind.


  1. Great potential in the tools provide.
  2. The explanation of the system is fairly clear and can be understood by most, not too complicated.
  3. Free for your first 30 day trial
  4. Not expensive given you can find similar offers out there for as much as $100.00 per month.


  1. The system is set up in such a way as to get paid more at the beginning and then you are paid less and less as you build a larger and larger network.
  2. If you give up and no one downline from you works it, you will plateau and in early months.
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Vitel Wireless

Vitel Wireless Vitel is an essential services company that seems to offer these services like Amway offers soap. But throw Amway out as far as further comparisons go. Vitel aspires to be a “World Class” Direct Selling Company though I cannot determine, from the website, where they operate or how long they have been in business.

A quick call to the Spring, TX head office did give me better information. The Vitel Wireless Company was formed in 2011 by four gentlemen, mostly from the Texas area of the USA. Vitel Wireless mostly deals in the lower 48 contigious United States and a bit in Canada though services available are drastically reduced.

Vitel is not a member of the Direct Selling Association so, though they purport to practice the highest of ethics, the monitoring of same is only policed by the Company itself. I add this as the DSA has its own Code of Ethics to which all Members are bound to adhere to. In a company like this, ethics and how they deal with and treat Customers and Members or Representatives, will be their making or breaking.

To begin, Vitel Wireless has three grades of membership based on the Marketing Plan you wish to choose, Agent ($29.95 / month), Platinum Plan ($49.95 / month), or the Diamond Plan ($99.95 / month), which includes unlimited talk, text and web (a phone plan).

The Compensation Plan seems to focus mostly on Product / service placement to create what they call, “residual income”. Most of Vitel Wireless services, cell phone, home phone, TV, Internet, Security systems, are mostly on a one year contract and the monthly payout, or residual, is between $1 and $6 a month. For Security, it ranges from $15 to $50 which seems odd as the $50 residual is being paid on a Customer bill of $44.95. Now, there is also what they call a Beacon Score. When you reach a high enough score, your residuals increase.

In addition to the above, Vitel offers Protection Plans which include features like family legal care, roadside assistance, online coupons, discounted movie tickets, a cash rebates mall, auto rental discounts and tax hotline and preparation.

A second Plan offers online physicians, nurse hotline, a family identity theft plan, online farmers market and an online health manager. Both of these plans are $29.95 / month.

There is an optional combination plan that puts all of this together for $49.95 / month. And, if you refer 3 people to this Plan, you get yours free.

Beyond this, there is a hierarchy of levels which pay the IBO an ever increasing percentage of personal sales from 40% to 60% and a method of building a sales team and commensurate compensation for that. But is seems that they only pay up to 3 downline legs.

If my information seems sketchy here it is due to the limited information that I have found online. There is more available however, when you click on the “HOW IT WORKS,” button, you are taken to a landing page where they offer four videos only after you have given them your contact information.

If you live in the USA, lower 48, this could be a good possibility to create a good income. My only concern is that the company is very new and has a limited geographical area of influence for the time being.

See and try this MLM opportunity at Vitel Wireless website

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SFI / TripleClicks

SFI / TripleClicks

SFI is an affiliate arm of TripleClicks. They offer products and items from everywhere at a reduced retail price or at auction. TripleClicks have daily deals and closeouts. The largest amount of products are below $10 dollars it seems.

When you arrive at their Home Page, you are greeted with a rolling list, whenever you refresh the page, of the new affiliates that have just signed up to be an affiliate. There is not cost for this. SFI do enjoy extolling the massive number of sign ups every week, as a demonstration of their success.

To make money here, you need to draw SFI affiliates or Customers to purchase products. And when you want to cash out, you will be charged a minimum of $2.00 for earnings less than $50 and the charge goes up to $25 if you are cashing out more than $1,000. It is on a graduated scale. And if you want a cheque instead of an electronic transfer to your PayPal account or your TripleClicks MasterCard, they will want another $2.00.

If you join, get onto the Wave3 / W3 Program. There are a few little hops to jump through but you can receive 5 free monthly T-Credits worth close to $60.00, 50 free monthly Member Reward Points (redeemable on the purchase of any online products), entry into weekly cash prize draws. In addition, it seems SFI will give you a month’s worth of rewards for every affiliate you refer.

If you look over the product categories, you will find it extensive. It reminds me of Kijiji, in a way. And the choice is nearly that broad. However, it seems they do not carry a lot of Name Brand merchandise. You will not find big screen TV’s or high end stereo equipment. You will not find good quality digital cameras or computers over $99.00. It has a “Surplus Store,” kind of feel. Keep this in mind if you are looking to sign up. Wait!!! I did find a single Canon A300 going on sale in a few hours. They do have one.

I have a confession to make here. It seems that I have been an SFI affiliate of this site for a year or two and honestly, I completely forgot about it. But, if this tells you anything, I have never received an email from this site since I joined and I have not made a single dime from it either. I have to admit that I did nothing to recruit new members, not even a link on my website or email to people I know. So no Surprise there … no free lunch for nothing.

As a general note, it may be good advice to keep track of the programs you join. I know this can get away from you as this one has with me. I would recommend perhaps an EXCEL sheet, keep it all in one place so you know where you have been and how to get back there.

Finally, if you know how to hustle, you may be able to make some money on this site. If you are going to sit there and watch your empty account simply grow and grow, it is likely not going to happen without a lot of work and convincing. Well to be honest if I knew any place that gives me money for doing nothing … I’d be there right now.

Try the free sign ups SFI and check it tout.

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Ultimate Team Success

Ultimate Team SuccessThis program seems to offer a downline building program that turns paper click on its year. You may join for free. But you may also multiply your income two, three times or more by opting in multiple times. You may also sign in daily and view ads from other members, and you get paid to do so. With this, it is my expectation that the member posting the ad will foot the bill and pay each viewer.

The advantage of this is that your viewer will be somewhat focused and open to your particular opportunity. The down side may be members who click on ads just to make the cash. This a point of concern.

With Ultimate Team Success, they purport to build a new Team every 48 hours so you can start late in one team and start at the beginning of another. They seem to build this team so they can progress at the same time. The claim is that you build a “hands free,” downline, in a matter of hours as opposed to days, weeks, years.

Ultimate Team Success also explains that they remove the, “time, effort and financial burden,” of building a downline. And that they only offer two businesses to join that are less than $20 each to start. There apparently is also a “free option,” available, so all have the chance to participate and still make money. Be careful. These businesses are not detailed until you have already joined. And I have not seen any cancellation policy either so the best way to investigate would be to join with a free membership to start until the entire story is revealed.

Joining a Team seems to be laid out well as they have a count down clock on their site advising you when the next team will be built. At this writing, I should wait about 9 days and a few hours for the next Team Build.

The payouts seem to be extensive for those who wish to participate fully. As previously mentioned, you get paid to review ads. You can also get paid referral bonuses, Matrix bonuses and receive Link Ad credits. There are apparently other ways as well but not divulged on the Home Page.

However, there is a Pro-Member option and with that, at whatever cost, beyond Advertising credits, you also get paid on 2 referral levels, a revenue share and can be involved in early team launches.

There is also an affiliate program which also pays out if the new member takes the Pro option. This may indicate a good sized fee for this option.

Here is the kicker. Ultimate Team Success extols the advantages of building a Team with their help and want you to immediately join any business that they email you about. And then they advise that there will be thousands joining so your fast action is all that will ensure you a great spot in the line up.

This last part concerns me the most. Ultimate Team Success will supply you with an opportunity and then explains how you have to join to keep up with your Team.

Check them out at

I would keep your head up on this one and do not get drawn into huge costs or fees at any time.

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Ultimate Cycler

Ultimate Cycler

Ultimate Cycler is a new MLM company that seems to have two ways of acquiring income. The first way is to find one person who finds one more. You then build by finding one more person who, again finds one more. This is the MLM portion of the business.

There is also an option to upgrade your membership by paying extra. Starting a membership with $25, you may later upgrade your membership by making a payment of $25 and then $50 for a total of $100, including your original payment. So, when you get paid by new people starting in the system, you will then receive $100 payments, over the original $25.

Online help in starting your new membership is thorough and helpful. All steps for joining, making your payment and getting paid are automated.

Another feature of Ultimate Cycler membership is a Lead Scraper Software which seems to be quite powerful and capable. Once information is installed in the lead scraper, it goes out and locates a number of potential leads for you, based on the parameters you gave it, and supplies them to a Lead Scraper file in your Documents file, that will provides an EXCEL sheet of the resulting information. You received contact information in the forms of, potentially, names, addresses, cell phone and / or telephone numbers, as well as email addresses and website address. Although this program is being provided free with your membership, it seems to be quite powerful and capable. I can see that anyone joining this company will find great advantages with this software alone.

Ultimate Cycler does have a list of products. They deal in mobile apps, from what I have seen, on their website, all of which are provided to the new member at no extra charge.

In describing the “Joining,” process, you fill out your usual contact information, including your cell phone number and carrier, and then you are instructed to pay a certain person, the $25 start up or membership fee. You are given 48 hours to do so before the System will delete your membership file. It is after this payment is made and receipt is acknowledged, that the new member receives full access to all the membership rewards.

From this point, contacting new people and enticing them to join you is the task at hand.


Ultimate Cycler is a straight forward and uncomplicated means of starting in the MLM or Network Marketing field. What I did like seeing is that the Company site does not splash empty promises of thousands of dollars of monthly income around. With eyes wide open, be sure to review this program several times before joining. Draw out the Matrix as they have described it, for yourself, so you understand it completely before committing. I doubt that you can earn a mortgage payment in a hurry with this Company but it is an inexpensive way to get your feet wet and learn how MLM works. The Lead Scraper Software alone is worth the price of admission. I am not certain whether the Lead Scraper Software is resident in your Ultimate Cycler Back Office or an installable program for your Computer.

Please use the this link to join Ultimate Cycler

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Earn $5000 To $10000 Per Month

Earn $5000 To $10000 Per Month

Earn $5000 To $10000 Per Month

Provide us with an short and honest description of this program to post here, possibly including the pros and cons and we will put your link in text and on the screen shot for a period of 3 months as a thank you. Use the contact page to send your description.

The web page showed in this article may not even be an Multi-Level Networking program. Is it? Tell us. We want to know every fact about it:

  • The compensation plan;
  • The training system;
  • The sign up page;
  • How many levels the downline goes;
  • etc.

Please note we are very to any suggestion for improving this website and make it more useful for you. Do not hesitate to write us using the contact page.

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Go Yoli

MLM Program Testers – Go Yoli

Go Yoli

Provide us with an short and honest description of this program to post here, possibly including the pros and cons and we will put your link in text and on the screen shot for a period of 3 months as a thank you. Use the contact page to send your description.

The web page showed in this article may not even be an Multi-Level Networking program. Is it? Tell us. We want to know every fact about it:

  • The compensation plan;
  • The training system;
  • The sign up page;
  • How many levels the downline goes;
  • etc.

Please note we are very to any suggestion for improving this website and make it more useful for you. Do not hesitate to write us using the contact page.

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Royal Cruise Matrix

MLM Program Testers - Royal Cruise Matrix

Royal Cruise Matrix

Provide us with an short and honest description of this program to post here, possibly including the pros and cons and we will put your link in text and on the screen shot for a period of 3 months as a thank you. Use the contact page to send your description.

The web page showed in this article may not even be an Multi-Level Networking program. Is it? Tell us. We want to know every fact about it:

  • The compensation plan;
  • The training system;
  • The sign up page;
  • How many levels the downline goes;
  • etc.

Please note we are very to any suggestion for improving this website and make it more useful for you. Do not hesitate to write us using the contact page.

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